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"Shawn was dour doula for our first baby born in August 2019 and she was wonderfully supportive of our transition to parenthood at each stage. She prepared us for decisions we may need to make during labor so we had a tentative plan for many situations. This put my mind at ease. Then, when I was worried 5 and 6 days past my due date she patiently listened to me and reassured me about my induction. During labor she was very supportive of both myself and my husband especially when labor handed us another unexpected, slightly scary curveball. I think her presence and support helped me handle the surprises with confidence and ultimately made the experience a very positive one when it potentially may not have been. She worked collaboratively with the hospital staff throughout and was very helpful in establishing breastfeeding just after birth. Shawn was also invaluable to us during the challenging postpartum period. She was available for quick questions and incredibly reassuring during visits. She also had a wealth of tips, tricks, and resources for us so we didn’t need to find them ourselves when we were tired and weary.Throughout Shawn was exceptionally warm, caring, responsive, and punctual. We are so happy we chose to bring her into our transition to parenthood. After our time with her she felt like a close friend. Shawn seems to genuinely love this work and it shows. We would fully recommend her to anyone looking for a birth or postpartum doula." 

- K.R.

"I knew having a doula would make my birth experience more calming and positive but I had no idea how important having a doula would be to my birth experience and Shawn was the most exceptional doula! She is professional, calm, positive, proactive, reassuring and she truly cares about making sure your labor and delivery is the best it can be. I would hire Shawn for our next babe if she stayed in Seattle! (Shawn maybe you’ll have to come back for the next kid ;) ). She is organized, on time, always ready and willing to do whatever needs to be done and we so appreciated that about her because, well, babies aren’t exactly on time or flexible with schedules! If you’re looking for an amazing doula, Shawn is your gal!"

- S.P.

"Shawn was our doula for our first baby, and I am so happy we had her there! My husband and I interviewed her, and were impressed by her warm and caring personality, and her thoughtful approach for childbirth. We enjoyed meeting with Shawn twice prior to the birth of our daughter - she talked through how she'd work with us and the stages of labor. We felt calm and prepared going into such a big life event. During labor, Shawn was an amazing support to us - she had creative ideas for how to deal with contractions, and was caring and loving as I labored in a hospital birthing tub as well as in my birthing suite. Her support allowed for my husband to rest/take a break, and for me to feel like I had a close friend guiding me through the birthing process. Shawn worked well with the midwife and the 2 nurses, who I think appreciated the extra support and knowledge she brought to the day. After our daughter was born, Shawn was there to help with learning how to breastfeed and capture our first moments as a new family via camera. Since the birth, Shawn has visited us twice and even watched our baby as we went out for dinner - greatly appreciated as new parents! I cannot recommend her enough - she is a knowledgeable, loving, and thoughtful woman who can help make your birthing experience as meaningful, empowering and respectful as possible. She's simply the best!"

- L.O. 

"Shawn is such an amazing doula and was an integral part of our birth. From our very first meeting, her positive, kind, funny demeanor fit perfectly with what we were hoping to find in a doula. During our visits beforehand she was always knowledgeable and supportive - whether I just needed an ear for listening or was looking for perspective, resources or advice. The day my contractions started we texted and talked continuously and when my contractions stalled she provided helpful tips that got them back on track. She was by my side as soon as my water broke, met us at the hospital and held my hand and counseled my husband through every major contraction and push. We had a seamless natural childbirth and I believe in part that it was due to her calm, skillful, loving help. After our delivery she checked in regularly and was there for nursing support, postpartum support or just company on a stroll. We were so lucky to have found Shawn and are fortunate to now call her a dear friend."

- E.D.

"I was so fortunate to have Shawn as my doula. She did an excellent job and I believe it's because of her that my birth experience was so positive and stress free. She was very informative on many things including the birth process, newborn care and lactation issues. I felt important and cared for before, during, and after my birth. Even though I just met Shawn, it felt like I had already known her a long time. She is easy going and down to earth. Most importantly, I knew that I could trust her with helping me make the best decisions for my baby and I. I am very grateful that Shawn Clancy was a major part of my birth experience and I strongly recommend her to others."
- K.M.

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