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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a birth doula?


Birth doulas provide emotional, physical, and informational support to expectant parents throughout their pregnancy, labor and as they transition into parenthood. Our job is to ensure that you know all of your birthing options, that your questions are answered, and that you feel safe and cared for throughout your journey to meet your baby. 


I will have a partner present for my birth, how will you support them?


I am here for your partner as well! As we plan for your birth, we will discuss the ways in which you each like to be cared for. If your partner needs to grab a snack, or make a phone call, or simply to use the bathroom, they can do so knowing that I will be by your side. You will never have to navigate your birth alone. I will also never try to replace your partner. My goal is to bring the two of you closer together and to provide your partner with the support they need in order to best care for you. 



What if I go into labor in the middle of the night? 


As your birth doula, I will go “on call” for your birth two weeks before your estimated due date, and remain on call for two weeks after your estimated due date. During that four week period, my phone is always on and loud, with good cell reception, and each of my clients receive a special ringtone. Day or night, don’t hesitate to call me if you think you are in labor, and I will join you whenever you feel ready. 



How many births do you attend each month? What if my birth overlaps with another one of your clients’? 


I generally attend  3 - 4 births per month. While it happens extremely rarely, it is possible that multiple labors may overlap with one another. For each birth that I commit to, I have a back-up doula who commits to that birth as well, just in case I end up being needed in two places at once. 



Do you attend home births/ birth centers?


Yes! I am happy to support you wherever you choose to give birth. 

Contact me to schedule a meet and greet or to discuss services and rates!

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